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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 21, 2013 4:18pm-5:00pm EST

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it. it's just kind of a running gag. but the raptors have extended a olive branch and they want hem to come -- >> did they call him wale or wau-lay and he was on camera. everybody saw it ought. >> oh, no. and everybody will kiss and make up, we hope. "america's got talent" is going to add some talent. >> mel b. i think is, she's frank, fun, and this is a show where you've got to be frank. she said she may not be the only new judge. they're thinking of adding maybe one or two. bev tickets to every concert you wanted to go to. the sold-out beyonce tour we
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have tickets to that. all you have to do is text carter to 92630 for your chance to win. easy for you to do, not as easy for me to say. >> thank you, georgia. well, veronica has a lot to say about what we could be seeing this time tomorrow. veronica? >> this time tomorrow i think we'll be seeing a bit of snow, a little bit of sleet scattered around the area. we'll be right in the middle of it. i think our chance of seeing that starts around noon and could go as long as about 7:00 p.m. take a look at this gorgeous shot. we have a blue sky, a clear sky, but clouds will be on the increase, so for 7:00, for 8:00, clouds will start moving in. still some breezy conditions, but the winds will be diminishing, as more clouds for 10:00, for 11:00 p.m., more and more clouds move in. early tomorrow morning here we
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are at 5:00 p.m. cloudy but drive. still dry at 7:00 a.m., and i think still dry at 9:00 a.m., though the snow will be getting close to us by 9:00 a.m. just to the west. by 11:00 a.m., snow and sleet with a temperature of 35 degrees, all from this storm system right here. it's been bringing treacherous travel to the nation's midsection, right around missouri, you've got snow moving into illinois. it's a system that will be weakening as it moves east, but once it's off the coast and starts moving northward, that's when it's going to strengthen again. unfortunately for us not much of a snow chance. watch what happens on the future weather. here come the clouds and brees -- sorry about that, missed out on the pause points. between noon tomorrow and about 7:00 p.m. we have a chance for snow and sleet. after that temperatures will start warming up. then we change over to all rain. rain i think will be moving into
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the area. by the time we get to about 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, turning to rain late, again, for most of the daylight hours we'll have a mixture of sleet and snow, but the morning rush should be dry. your high tomorrow, 41 degrees. then saturday a chance for rain during the early part of the day, a high of 46 also on sunday, but sunday again is looking dry with sunshine around the area. we will focus in on saturday, because some -- yesterday it looked like almost areawide rain, now mainly showers for the morning, for the most part just east of i-95 before it starts moving out by around 2:00, 3:00, so chili and damp conditions for your saturday. let's look at your extended forecast. sunshine expected on monday. tuesday another temperature we'll talk about, but you can see a high of 49. then on tuesday close to 50,
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wednesday right now the high 46. mid 40s on thursday. after this cold snap, our temperatures will start coming up most of next week. again for tomorrow it should be dry for the morning rush. it's the afternoon and evening rush where there could be isolated slick spots. a new study finds that you're not always getting the fish you pay for. find out what happened when investigators tested restaurants and stores here in the d.c. area. hi. we're here in the white house kitchen looking for a healthy snack to eat. >> gee, i'll bet you could get just about anything you want in this kitchen. >> i'll bet she could. the big idea that has the first lady joining forces with b
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take a good look at this from the folks at google, a preview of the new product called glass. they're essentially smart glasses that allow people to take and share pictures and videos from a user's perspective. you can chat live and use navigation. google is taking applications for people to test out the
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specs. if you're picked to be a glass explorer, you'll have to shell out about $1600 a pair. changes may be in the work for twitter, but the social networking site insists workers won't be affected. the site is making it easier to make sure paid promotional tweets are seen by the right people. this means promotional tweets can be automated instead of written mannelly. twitter is insisting there won't be more ads, but ads that are more meaningful. the investigates is just beginning, disturbing new details about the johns hopkins obgyn and could youed of secret le video taking his patients. plus a massive crime scene on the strip. a shooting, an explosion and a
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maserati. gas prices reaching a level none of us want to see.
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a special tour inside d.c. general shelter. find out what life is really like for families forced into shelters. if you have high blood pressure and get a cold get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms
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without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. welcome back, everybody. keith russell has new video into the newsroom. >> we're told this accident happened just after 3:00 this afternoon, but we're getting our first look of this video right
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now. a bad car multicar accident near fedex field, home of the redskins in landover. it caused the car to flip. you can see the man trapped inside as police and first responders got to the scene. they were able to talk to the man. they were able to see the man. we still don't know his identity or his conditions. as soon as we get that information, we will be glad to pass it on. at the live desk, i'm keith russell. more breaking news out of montgomery county. an elementary cool teacher arrested today. police arrested 30-year-old timothy krupika detect i was tell us yesterday 211-year-old students told them they had been sexually abused by their teacher. police say an investigation revealed he inappropriately touched them or attempted to force both victims to inappropriately touch him.
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we'll have a live report coming up shortly. at this hour, much of kansas city missouri remains shut down, including the airport, due to the blinding snowstorm stretching across parts of the midwest. major roads including i-270 have been determined impassable. some areas are expecting as many as 2 feet. let's find out how that system will be affecting the weather here in the washington area. veronica? >> fortunately or unfortunately, some folks want the snow, some folks done. as far as the temperatures do, we're between the upper 30s right now, and the mid 30s currently, so we're going to drop a few degrees. 8:00 cold conditions with clouds on the increase. look at this. by the time we get to 10:00, 32 for a temperature, partly cloudy, then mostly cloudy by 11:00 p&l. temperatures dropping fast during the overnight period.
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i wanted to show you tomorrow morning, that time line forecast. here we are dry throughout the area. i think it's going to take a whiling to the air mostened up. we will start to see some snow and sleet, making its way in from west to east. the hours where we could see some snow and sleet between noon and about 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. it will be taking most of the energy with it, a stronger system as it makes its way north. warmer temperatures also for us will allow that snow and sleet to switch over to rain and it's rain throughout the day on saturday too. there you have it, folks, temperatures dropping tonight, clouds increasing, but should be drive to the rush. we have new details about the case of a former gynecologist of secretly videotaping his patients. the medical examiner's office
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said he died of asphyxiation. police confirm he left his family a note. and the most troubling part there could be potentially hundreds of patients who don't even know that they are victims. >> anybody who's a victim of dr. levy or a patient, i recommend to call the police immediately, get them on the list of people who are potential victims. >> reporter: lawyers in baltimore say they have gotten dozens of calls from patients concerned that this could have been secretly videotaped by former johns hopkins gynecologist dr. nikita levy. >> we understand there's an extensive amount of photographs and video records that show patients in various states of undress and examination. >> reporter: attorney andrew sletkin handles malpractice cases. >> our clients want to know were they victims, with were the
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photos disseminate centered they want answers. unfortunately no one is able to give it to them at this point. >> reporter: another baltimore attorney claims his office has gotten more than 70 calls from patients. he says it's too early to determine if he was at fault. >> if he knew or should have known what was going on, then johns hopkins may be responsible. they may be responsible as dr. levy's employer. >> i can't think of a greater betrayal of trust between that of a doctor and his patient. >> reporter: baltimore police say they found an incredible amount of evidence, including computers, hard drives and servers filled with images and videos. they it is recovered recording devices, including a pen with a hidden camera. >> the little things that detectives have already seen is troubling, and already a violation of criminal law. >> reporter: jessica saw dr. levy for 11 years, and found him
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to be a skilled physician. >> if i could speak with him, i would tell him he broke my heart. he broke my trust. >> police tell us one of the most complicated parts of this investigation, their prime person of interest is now deceased. at this point they believe levy acted alone. they say another factor that could complicate it, some of the patients were minor when is they started to see him. we should also point out that hopkins did issue an apology to anyone whose privacy may have been violated. a former local swim coach whose students include olympic medalists pleaded guilty to one count of -- a former student accused him of accusing her for five years back in the '80s. kelly davies kern broke her silence last your and curl was arrested last october. he cofounded a swim club which has cut ties and changed the
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name. jackie bensen will have much 340r in terms of reaction coming up from montgomery county. local gas places are on the rise again. the average price of a gallon of regular jumped to four bucks in d.c. aaa says this is the fifth time in history that gas prices hit the $4 in the district. in maryland, the price is slightly lower at 3.79 the in virginia the average price for a gallon of regular is 3.69. today marks the 35th consecutive day of rising gas prices. in just the past month, the cost of gas has increased by 42 cents a gallon in the district. today virginia senator tim kaine began making the rounds to see how the looming sequestration cuts could impact defense workers and veterans in our area. there are plenty of concerns, but we're learning how the lively hoods are also on the chopping belong. news4's northern bureau chief julie carey will look at that
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part of the story in our next hour. so who talks more? men or women? don't answer that. some researchers from the university of maryland right here have the answer to that question, and they say it's based on biology. and do you know what you're eating? what investigators found when they tested fish at stores and restaurants in the d.c. ar
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first lady --
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>> no matter what your age. it's important to get your body moving every single day to help keep you healthy. >> look, mrs. obama -- >> we know him, "sesame street's" big bird with two public announcement. the ps a's coincide with the third anniversary of the let's move campaign. the sponsor being distributed to more than 300 pbs states. science is backing up the notion that women talk more than men. researchers at the university of maryland conducted the new study. they found that women use about 20,000 words a day while men speak only about 7,000. the that theyness is linked to a protein found in the brain called fox-t-2. >> 20,000?
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you've got you beat big time. >> i'd like to think that maybe women are more exuberant communicator communicators. >> see, i don't ehave exuberant in my vocabulary. >> women have a lot to say. a controversy involving one nation's top coals right here. why people are so upset about the renovations to thomas jefferson high school. and veronica, you have some big news and we're not just talking about the weather. >> oh, that's -- there you go. that's right. we're talking about chili, right? we'll talk about that on the other side of the break, but first the bigger news will be the fact that, hey, wre dealing with a storm moving this way. tonight dry, no problems. in fact, most of tomorrow morning should be dry, but still could have in issues. we'll talk about it when "news4 at 4" returns.
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what did you find, danielle? >> some pretty startling things. for starters in washington, d.c. every sushi venue misled consumers about their fish. not one properly labeled snapper. from fresh off the bot to your
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dinner place, somewhere along the way seafood is getting mislabeled. >> that's horrible. you want to get what you pay for. >> oceana, an international ocean conservation group tested efficiency from retail outlets across the nation. in pennsylvania, 56% of the fish was mislabeled. next up, southern california at 52%. in the nation's capital, 26%. >> some of the concerns with the mislabeling have been some of the health impacts. we found high mercury shipped swapped out for lower mercury fish. >> sushie, grocery stores -- >> this was obvious replaced with something like rockfish, but the flays are different. if you look at the back at the skin, they're really different. mark white runs a fresh seafood market. he goes to great lengths to
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ensure his fish is properly labeled. >> you can always buy the whole fish. that way you know exactly what you're getting. >> reporter: at restaurants it's more difficult. the fish often ends up cooked or covered in a sauce. >> you should always ask them where they got it. it's important. chef ann cashin says reputable places will know the answer, but ultimately it comes down to trust. right now less than 1% is tested for fraud. that's why oceana wants seafood tracing. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm danielle leigh, news4. many of us here at news4 got our fill not of fish, but today was our annual chili cookoff. this is the eighth time we've had one of these contests in our building. including one from meteorologist chuck bell, who came in fourth place. but the winner -- the winner --
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>> it's all about corn -- pork product. >> our own veronica won the chili cookoff. congratulations. you had some secret ingredients. it had kick to it. >> it's all about you layering of the spices, chilies, coco powder, lots of beer in it. my secret and favorite, cilantro, and a lot of different types of meat. sausage, ham burg and pork. >> and i got the last teaspoonful. >> it went fast. i'm going to share the recipe. >> how about that? the other kind of chili, it is still with us. >> it's going to be with us the most of the morn. i've driving in your car, looking at your gauge and it's like, why it sleeting?
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snowing? it's all about what's happening in the upper atmosphere. some snow and sleet, we'll have that chance between noon and and as laid as 7:00. here's a look at your planner, 35 by 7:00, 33 by 9:00, and then down below freezing by 11:00 p.m. there's your clouds on the increase. scanning the area. but that system ever since it dumped snow, of course, a lot of snow -- snow coming to chicago. thunderstorms to the south of this thing of believe it or not as it come into virginia, there could be a bit of thunder throughout southern areas of virginia. for us what we'll be seeing here i think is primarily some sleet, some snow, not going to be heavy, but it doesn't take much for them to get slick when
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they're untreated. best chance of sees isolated slick spots will be during the early afternoon. not the late afternoon, not the late evening hours, either. we'll be warming up friday night. we turn it over to all rain throughout the area. as far as highs go, look at this, 40 to about 41 degrees, again with the no, the sleet better switching over to rain. the weekend action though, if you've been looking for more of a warm july, into the mid 40s. saturday right now, mainly east of i-95. we have the windy conditions left over on sunday, second half of the weekend with your sunshine, more sunshine as we get close to 50 degrees. breezy with a bit of rain coming back on tuesday. wednesday of next week. that's the way it's looking right now. again most of the morning rush, we're dry and fine.
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one of the top schools in the country, but thomas jefferson high school for science and technology could lose hundreds of its scholars who live outside of fairfax county all because of a battle over renovations. news4's northern virginia bureau reporter david culver is live in front of the school. who does this impact the most? >> reporter: we're talking about students from across northern virginia. louding county, falksier county, prince william counties, arlington, falls church, all of those are eligible to test into, and it's the problem is with the infrastructu infrastructure, the building is falling apart, it needs by there 90 million worth of repairs. the county of fair tax says it wants to share that with the other districts, the other sdrix says we're not issue we want to be a part of this anymore. >> it was an amazing place when i was there. >> leslie mcfadden knows the value of a thomas jefferson education. this mother of four graduated from the prestigious schools,
4:51 pm
now lives in louding county. she had hope that one day her own children could apply here too. >> i have a seventh grade daughter who has dreamed about going since probably fifth grade. it had disappoint my daughter if that opportunity was not there under the circumstances retch each day about 150 students are bussed in, but that could change. the school building is in bad shape. renovations will cost about $9 on 0 million. the fairfax county school board voted unanimously to share the experience with other schooled districts that send students to t.y. prince william county about $2.5 million. arlington county 3.5. loudoun county would have to play close to $8 million falls church city and fauquier county would also have to contribute. >> when we're paying that much extra to send kids out of the county, it's essentially a tacit admission we're not able to provide that caliber of education, and i'm not willing
4:52 pm
to make that -- >> louding county school boor member bill fox thinks the money and talent should stay in louding county. >> that's a wealth of talent that would really assist us in billing high quality, high caliber, you know, science education programs here in louding. >> reporter: as for mcfadden she says if the louding county school board can find an alternative in their county, she would be happy with that. >> my goal is to work with the school board to provide all opportunities for all the gifted kids in louding county. >> reporter: if there's other school districts that will pull out s. officials say they hope to work out a deal with fairfax if they decide to pull out so those students dao continue on through graduation. i'm david culver, news4. chaos on the vegas strip. the shooting that involved a range rover and maserati in the shadow of some of sin city's
4:53 pm
most iconic buildings. how competitive are our local airports? the story is coming up. i'm julie carey in quantico where sequester, defense cuts and possible dod furloughs threaten to ripple through. (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register
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authorities confirmed they found the missing body of alyssa lamb, who disappeared from the cecil hotel last month. the lapd says a maintenance worker investigating reports of low wear pressure stumbled on the bod counter. they released this video showing lamb acting strangely in the hotel. they're calling this case suspicious. this is the aftermath of that deadly shootout and crash on the laws strip today. it started after gunfire eye rupted. tonight police are still looking for one driver involved. we're learning that it started with an altercation at a nearby hotel. it came to a deadly end of flamingo road. that's surrounded by some of the most famous casinos on the strip. nbc's michelle velez has more on how all of this went down.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: were continuing to follow breaking news along the las vegas strip, where police are calling this a massive crime scene. i'm going to move out of the way. i want to show you what we noticed at the bill's gambling hall, there are investigators at the of that building conducting this investigation. it's been going on since 4:30. here's what we know happened. it all started when a black suv pulled up for a red light at flamingo and las vegas. that is smack-dab in the middle of the strip. somebody inside the suv fired shots into a silver maserati sitting next to it. the drive of the maserati accelebrated into the intersection and crashed into a cab, it exploded. >> we have two people who are deceased here at the scene, and one person deceased at the hospital. >> reporter: the explosion caused a chain reaction between several more cars, injuring at least three more people.
4:58 pm
the occupants of the black suv took off northbound towards the blst, towards the stratosphere, and police have since launched a massive manhunt. no word on how many people were inside the suv, but they are being described as dangerous. this entire portion has shut down since 4:30 this morning. police say because it is such a massive crime scene, it will likely be closed down through the rest of the day possibly into the evening after the sun goes down. that's the latest from the las vegas strip. i'm michelle very velez, back to you. >> police are searching for the people in the range rover, but they don't have a good description. and now at 5:00, a elementary schoolteacher being accused of abusing two students? >> here's what we know now that teacher worked at meadow hall, the victims both girls, both injure 11 years old.
4:59 pm
we have a fire rescue, and now we know what could have changesed the face of this one family. >> the president is plans to make an appearance in virginia as the deadline to the massive budget cuts approaches. first icy conditions, high winds, more than a foot of snow have parts of the midwest at a stand still. kansas city is under a state of emergency. schools and major roads there are closed. >> two traffic deaths are already blamed on the storm. hundreds of flights are now canceled. it's so bad across parts of kansas, arkansas and iowa, their state capitols are closed for the day. by this time tomorrow we could be dealing with slick roads and it could be sleet or snow. >> veronica, what's the latest? >> the latest is a combination


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